Megan Carroll, Girls Empowerment Through Reusable Menstrual Pads

Peace Corps Volunteer Megan Carroll, is passionate about women’s empowerment. She believes that, in a society where women are very unequal, young girls should not have to be additionally left behind because of their period.

In Uganda, young girls miss up to 20% of school per year because they can’t afford sanitary napkins (according to AFRIpads). This consistent absenteeism causes female students to fall behind in lessons, which can have a major impact on academic performance and achievement, confidence, and their decision to pursue further education. This project would provide materials to teach all the female secondary students in the rural village of Kashenshero, Mitoma District, in Southwestern Uganda, to create reusable menstrual pads (RUMPS).

According to Megan, “By teaching these students this skill, all the female secondary school students in my village will have access to reusable pads, as well as the capacity of how to make more for sustainability. The project will also reduce school absences and lead to healthier, more confident women in Ugandan society.”

With this project, Megan hopes to give girls an opportunity to create reusable pads that have no cost initially, and very little cost when making them on their own in the future.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to purchase materials and supplies.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 16, 2014