Mbaarak Abdalla Chibo

Mbaarak abdalla Chibo,Nuru saardun Ahmed – Tudor Creek Mangrove Restoration Project

Date grant awarded: August 2, 2018

Tudor Creek Mangrove Restoration Project is an initiative by Brain Youth Group, a registered community youth group in the northern side of Tudor creek, Junda sub-location in Mombasa County, Kenya. Mangrove forests are situated along the creek where people can engage in recreational activities, such as yachting and boating. Unfortunately, there is no protection zone for the mangrove forests, despite the fact that there are hotels and residential buildings being built. Thus, pollution from within and around the Island is common and has led to severe degradation of the mangroves. The aim of this project is to enhance the capacity of the communities to regenerate and sustainably manage mangrove resources for increased livelihoods.

The project seeks to rehabilitate 1426 hectares of degraded peri urban mangroves, enhance the structure and functionality of this ecosystem, and promote activities supported by this ecosystem such as biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. The Pollination Project grant will facilitate the best nursery establishment and management practices, and will help the organizers monitor the restoration area.