Asali and The Pollinators

Maya Penn – Asali and The Pollinators – The Animated Series

My current animated series officially titled “Asali and The Pollinators” is an exciting story with a message that no matter how big or small you are, everyone has the power to make a change, even when things get scary. Concepts around environmental protection, animal/nature conservation, leadership, teamwork, giving back, and more are delivered through fun storytelling and relatable engaging and characters.

It’s a major passion of mine to cultivate a love for our environment, ecosystems, and the creatures that call it home. Being a young writer, filmmaker, artist, entrepreneur, and activist, it only makes sense for me to use my experience and passion to help positively impact others, and show the importance of compassion, empathy, leadership, and activism, especially at a time where more and more youth are aware of these scary issues impacting our earth. Educational programming shaped me as a person, and animation is an amazing way to give youth and people of all ages the courage and passion and tools they need to go out in their communities and in the world and make a difference. This grant would help support my efforts to share this message and inspire others.

The grant has given me access to important tools to be able to craft this story and content and I’ve been able to make progress in the overall development because of that. We have been able to produce content that we are utilizing to grow the project and get more reach, and because of this we are currently in talks with platforms that are excited about the project and the positive impact it can have on audiences and are interested in helping introduce it to an even larger audience.

It would give me the ability to produce multiple full episodes, launch it on a platform and even implement additional educational materials related to the cartoon.

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