Martin Wafula Simiyu - Matunda Youth With A Vision

Matunda Youth with a Vision – Matunda Youth with a Vision ( MYV)

Date grant awarded: 10/27/2017

Matunda Youth With A Vision was founded by Martin Simiyu in 2016. Martin was born and raised in Matunda village and has firsthand experiences of the challenges in the village. Driven by a passion to change his community, he mobilized 33 youths and started the Matunda Youths with a Vision, aimed at transforming the youths and the community through sports, talent development, mentor-ship programs and entrepreneurship training and exposure. Though only a year old, Martin is amazed by the extent of the impact of this initiative. This project uses sports and talent shows, motivational talks in local schools and entrepreneurship training. In the past year, there has been a drastic decline of social vices in the community. A good number of young people who were previously addicted to drugs and alcohol have reformed into responsible people. The urge to begin small-income generating activities has heightened and the commitment to education among the students has greatly improved. The grant from the Pollination Project will be funding the next step in their community development by equipping a resource center that can offer computer training for the local youth.