Matthew Glover, Jane Land, Clea Grady,

Matthew Glover & Jane Land, Veganuary

Matthew Glover and Jane Land have played many roles as animal advocates: from successful entrepreneurs, to philanthropists, to consultants, to dedicated volunteers.  Their constant inquiry seems to be, “How are we uniquely positioned to support a new worldwide consciousness that includes compassion for farm animals?” So far that investigation has yielded efforts like podcasts, cross-pollination of product trade shows and promoting plant based eating, and the founding  of a 31 day, accessible and joyful plant based eating challenge, Veganuary, (along with Clea Grady) which in two short years has reached a robust world-wide audience.

It can be somewhat easy for someone of financial means to write checks to support animal rights (though, it is unfortunately uncommon). This is something Matthew and Jane have most certainly done- yet they have taken it much further by dedicating their lives to creating ways for others to engage in plant based lifestyles.

I am excited to see how these efforts mature and grow, as well as the other new and exciting ways Matthew and Jane support the veganization of humanity. No matter what the fruits of their efforts are, I feel deep gratitude for the varied ways they seek to spread this path of peace in the world. I wish them both all of the karmic benefits which come from living a life that is values aligned and which has and continues to greatly reduce suffering in the world.

by Ariel Nessel, Founder of the Pollination Project

Listen to the team on the Our Hen House podcast.

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