Mary-Justine Todd, Women’s Crisis Care International

Mary-Justine Todd, Women’s Crisis Care International

(WCCI) was founded by Mary-Justine Todd in an attempt to bring violence crisis response programming to a part of the world where these services are non existent.  Although violence against women is a global problem, the World Health Organization estimates that in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 37% of women experience intimate partner violence at some point in their lives, making this region among the most dangerous for women in the world.

For almost 10 years Mary-Justine has worked throughout the world as an advocate and champion for women’s rights and women’s health. Founded in 2013, WCCI operates primarily throughout the Arabian Gulf as one of the first traditional rape crisis centers in the entire Gulf region and much of the Arab world. They address violence against women in the Arabian Gulf and are implementing an effective response program for domestic and sexual violence (DSV) in Bahrain.

Since their first Pollination Project grant was awarded, WCCI has been able to increase awareness campaigns through print and online media. This has allowed them to reach more women in the region letting them know that there is support available to them in a part of the world where women are often left to fend for themselves.

The impact grant will be use on the development and implementation of the region’s first ever violence crisis response program, specifically for the recruitment and training of new crisis advocates.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant