Mary-Justine Todd and a group of women of Femin'Islam

Mary-Justine Todd, Dr. Mohamed Elsayed – Femin’Islam

Femin’Islam addresses the misconception that there is a divide between 21st century feminist ideals and traditional Muslim values. Our project seeks to provide the bridge for both Muslims and the rest of the world to see that these two concepts blend seamlessly together.

This issue is important to me because as a woman, I recognize that Muslim women must be included in the feminist movement in a way that is culturally relevant and sensitive for them. I want people to know that bridging the gap between feminism and Islam simply provides the natural pathway that is the true and loving understanding of Islam and feminism!

The seed grant from The Pollination Project was our first $1000, more than 4 years ago, and it set WCCI on a path of incredible growth, impact and confidence. We would not be where we are today were it not for TPP!

The project of Femin’Islam will take WCCI on a new and exciting journey into a more theoretical but extremely important side of our work! It will begin to show the world that Islam and feminism are one.

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