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Mary Finelli, Fish Feel

Mary Finelli, Fish Feel

Mary Finelli is a long time animal rights activist, writer and researcher. She says she’s focused her past activism on farmed animals because she considers them to be the greatest category of exploited animals, arguably suffering the worst abuses, with the least amount of attention or protection. Mary says, “I have come to realize that aquatic species constitute that category, and I want to do what I can to draw positive attention to them and their plight.”

Fish Feel will be the first organization devoted exclusively to promoting the recognition of fish as sentient beings deserving of respect and protection. Despite being the largest category of animals used for food (feed and entertainment), fish receive relatively very little attention, even from the animal rights community. Fish Feel will primarily serve to help educate the public as to why these animals are deserving of our appreciation, the immense problems caused by their exploitation, and how we can help them.


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