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Mark Devries is best known as the director of Speciesism: The Movie, a groundbreaking documentary about the philosophical arguments behind animal rights, which screened at theaters worldwide in 2013 and changed countless lives as a result.

The Huffington Post calls Speciesism: The Movie “capable of fundamentally changing the worldview of its audience,” while Dr. Michael Shermer of Scientific American describes it as “brilliant and compelling … the best of the animal rights documentaries.”

Mark Devries’s current initiative, secretly in the works since 2012, is The Citizen Drone Project, which employs high-tech aerial drones to expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms across the country. The project’s first investigation, released only a few months ago, has been viewed by tens of millions worldwide and received global media attention.

Mark Devries  tells us: “At any given moment, millions of animals are suffering the unimaginable horrors of factory farming, while huge numbers of people also suffer from its environmental destruction. We must do everything we can, every day, to make a change. I am thrilled that my work has already reached millions of people, and I will continue working tirelessly to reach millions more.”

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GRANT AWARD DATE:  July 22, 2015