Marina Zhiltsova and Open Cages Russia – Fur is Out of Fashion. Media Campaign in Russia.

Date grant awarded: June 24, 2018

Marina Zhiltsova is the founder of the media campaign, “Fur is Out of Fashion”, located in Russia. Marina, along with a group of volunteers, is trying to change the way people in their country talk about animals. They believe there are two opposite passionate groups in their country – consumers of animal products and pro-animal activists. The work of the Polish organization, Open Cages, inspired them to apply the principles of effective altruism to animal protection activities.

Therefore, they are launching a media campaign to talk about fur. In their country, discussing fur is a sensitive issue. In fact, there are massive fur farms in Europe and China, and they want to use The Pollination Project’s funds to discuss the myths surrounding fur as a luxurious item, and they want to dismantle the idea that people need to have fur in order to leave in a cold country. They also want to highlight alternatives to fur. They want to show how different the life of minks and Artic foxes could be if they were able to live outside of cages. Overall, the goal is to help slow down the demand for fur products.