Maria Helguera - La Fábrica

Maria Helguera, La Fábrica

Date grant awarded: 07/23/2017

La Fábrica provides a recreational and creative space in the Refugio neighborhood in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, México. La Fábrica will begin by facilitating small plots for members of the community to cultivate vegetables. The project will provide drip irrigation and will install automated greenhouses. It is also planned to establish a classroom/workshop where attendees will learn through hands-on experiences about electronic microcontrollers and their applications, which will provide them with skills to support themselves. In this same space, attendees will have access to simple experimental setups to play by doing science. These experiences are usually missing from educational programs in the public school system. La Fábrica will also organize workshops to increase environmental awareness and will promote cultural events that contribute to the development of this community.