Maria Cecilia Barbosa, Bora Veganizar no Sertão2017-10-12T01:01:25+00:00

Maria Cecilia Barbosa, Bora Veganizar no Sertão

Date grant awarded: 10/13/2017

“Bora Veganizar no Sertão” (“Let’s Veganize – Sertão Edition”) was conceived to bring veganism to the countryside of the state of Pernambuco in Brazil. Cecilia Barbosa, founder of Bora Veganizar, will lead a 5-day exploration with a video production team in this region. Through an educational, loving approach the team will plant seeds of compassion and empathy in a region where animal exploitation is the norm. The goal of the project is to spark a vegan movement in this unexplored environment.


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