Margaret Akin

Margaret Elizabeth Akin, All-Californian Oratory Resource Network

Date grant awarded: 03/17/2017

Language documentation by the people, for the people! All-Californian Oratory Resource Network (Acorn) is a new approach to Native Californian language revitalization envisioned by Emmy Akin, in collaboration with Joanne Torres & Desirae Harp (Mishewal Wappo), Sky Road Webb (Coastal Miwok), Kanyon Sayers-Roods (Ohlone), Jerod Ward (Winnemem Wintu), and Diego Gomez Aldana (Colombian linguist).

Through intertribal collaboration and volunteer linguistic services, we are creating a secure online domain where Native Californians can not only upload words, recordings, photos and other media, but also connect to their own tribe and others through forums and open source audiodictionaries. We are also developing a public section of the website that serves as an educational resource of Native Californian history and culture.