Manish Vaidya, Brouhaha: A Queer and Trans People of Color Activist-Comedy Corps

Manish Vaidya wants to bring laughter into activism. Manish’s project — Brouhaha: A Queer and Trans People of Color Activist-Comedy Corps — will train 10 activists as stand-up comedians through the all-volunteer organization Peacock Rebellion. The comedian-activists will debut their acts during performances in San Francisco and distribute clips of their comedy.

“Comedy has the power to reach people who may feel “frozen” into inaction from the doom-and-gloom messages that dominate activism. Yes, we are in difficult times, but we need more laughter, more healing, more heart-connection in our social change messages,” Manish said. “Many people who could be inspired to work for the greater good, would never think to come to a march, rally or protest. But they would come to a stand-up comedy show.”

The acts will “promote peace, connection, heart-opening, an end to racism/sexual violence/homophobia,” Manish added.

Funds from the Pollination Project will go toward training and event costs.  For more information on Peacock Rebellion and Brouhaha, visit the Facebook page and website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 15, 2014