Charles Mwangi

Mamwaki Enterprise – Developing Affordable Briquettes for Kenyan Slums Households

Date grant awarded: August 6, 2018

Mamwaki Enterprise is a social enterprise with a business model that makes products accessible and affordable to the poor in Kenya. The enterprise seeks to use innovative ways to re-use fecal matter in bio-fuel production in highly populated slums of Kenya. The project works with county governments, sanitation and service companies, and local social enterprises operating in the slum areas.

The sludge from the sanitation waste will be developed into valuable and affordable bio-products in the form of round ball fuel briquettes that can be marketed and sold to households, small eateries, and farmers utilizing chicken brooders. Other products to be developed include fertilizers and bio compost that will be sold to crop and fish farmers. The revenues from sales will be re-invested into the project and assist in closing the asset gap requirements and replicating similar projects in other slums of Kenya.