Magin Patrick and Cliff Kama, Project Hawai‘i Summer Camp

Since 2006, Magin Patrick and Cliff Kama have run a camp for homeless children (ages 3-7) on the Hamakua Coast of Hawai’i.

Homeless families living in the U.S. face a host of nearly insurmountable day-to-day challenges. Rather than finding support through social safety nets, homeless families are often systematically discriminated against and driven to seek shelter in undesirable settings. These dynamics can have detrimental effects on the social, mental, and physical development of homeless children.

Magin and Cliff’s Project Hawai‘i Summer Camp will give homeless children a brief reprieve from the hardships they face daily, while providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

Each year 24 campers are given the opportunity to receive mentorship from 24 teenager volunteers in Project Hawai’i’s pristine outdoor classrooms. Children are provided with warm, healthy meals and are taught the tools they need to one day escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

With the help their The Pollination Project grant, Magin and Cliff will purchase camp supplies and camper kits filled with personal hygiene supplies.

For more information, please visit Project Hawai‘i Summer Camp’s website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 7, 2015