Home based literacy learning

Madam Lamartine Byahenga & Eya Selemani – The community education centres

FEDA’s vision is to provide women and girls with educational and income-generating opportunities to eradicate illiteracy, violence and extreme poverty. FEDA aims at social awareness; promoting literacy of women and girls, girls’ schooling, self-confidence and personality development; the promotion of gender equality, women’s and children’s rights, and the social and economic empowerment of women; promoting health and the environment through educational activities; women’s participation in decision-making and leadership and the construction of peace.
The community education centers as a project addresses here the needs of eradicating illiteracy and poverty

The work is very important to us and the community especially as it is involved in the transfer of continual skills to empower communities as part of local capacity-building efforts and support the creation and development of economic opportunities for women, girls and the community members by using participatory approaches to the creation and implementation of projects based on the expressed needs of beneficiaries and the implementation of effective post-literacy projects tied in with local development

The initial seed grant from TPP facilitated Literacy learning and vocational training conducted by the project seemed as a powerful weapons against poverty and for women’s empowerment in the area it has changed beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of the people positively and commits people to be responsible

This follow-up award allow us to introduce a sustainable initiative owned and managed by the community and maki ng them independent from initial projects

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