Lwesso Esperance, Bringing Bujumbura’s Youth Together Through Games and Sports

After nearly 10 years of civil war in Burundi, the impoverished neighborhoods of Bujumbura offer little in the way of recreation or social support for the area’s alienated and socially isolated youth, many of whom find solace by turning to a life of crime or drug use.

With the help of her local choir and a team of volunteers, Lwesso Esperance’s program, Bringing Bujumbura’s Youth Together Through Games and Sports, will limit youth exposure to negative influences by occupying them with educational, sporting, and recreational activities.

During the summer of 2015, Lwesso will bring over 200 local men and women together to participate in a series of peace games designed to teach impoverished youth how to cooperate in order to overcome the differences that have divided Bujumbura’s communities for more than a decade.

Lwesso has already organized local youth into teams scheduled to compete in 10 different games during the summer and fall. Following the completion of the games, the top 3 teams will receive prizes for their teamwork and cooperation.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 24, 2015