Luis Antonio Lopez Resendiz

Luis Lopez Resendiz and Janet Martínez – Tu’un Dali Podcast

Tu’undali is an indigenous youth-led podcast led by Mixteco, Zapoteco that lifts up the stories of migration, poetry, literature, food, music and cosmovision of indigenous migrant peoples. Tu’un translates to Language/Word in Mixtec and dali translates to Truth in Zapotec, bringing together a combination of two major indigenous languages spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Together this translates to the truth language – or spoken word – of indigenous migrant peoples. It is a dynamic portal to bring visibility to the many dimensions of the migration experience of indigenous communities from Southern Mexico and Guatemala to the United States.

The mission is to bring awareness of the diversity that is within the countries south of the border and to honor the rich and vital contributions that they provide in the U.S. Tu’undali weaves stories and talents to strengthen a supportive web of leaders that grow beautiful culture and consciousness.