Louise Ruddell, Citizen Shark Science Program

Date grant awarded: August 26, 2016

Lou Ruddell and Fin Fighters established the Citizen Shark Science program,  a new way of generating data that will radically enhance scientific studies of Elasmobranch species in the UK, the Atlantic and beyond. Currently, generating policy and protections for sharks and rays in the North East Atlantic is very difficult, due to a massive lack of data and scientific interest/investment in certain species. Many of these data deficient areas are also heavily over-fished and vulnerable species are directly targeted. In order to address this; Lou and Fin Fighters are training a team of Citizen Shark Scientists who will work with Phd’s/students from across the UK and beyond, to not only collect much needed genetic and quantitive data on sharks/rays that are currently caught and consumed, but to also produce scientific papers with the resulting data outlining species, labelling and sourcing, catch quantities and species vulnerabilities.