Take a Teacher to Lunch

Lloyd Hopkins – Million Dollar Teacher Project

Lloyd Hopkins is the Executive Director for the Million Dollar Teacher Project. Lloyd and his “Million Dollar Team” are on a mission to recognize teachers for the way that they impact children’s lives, and for the hard work, dedication, passion and love they put into their work. The Million Dollar project spreads kindness and recognition to teachers through their Take a Teacher to Lunch program, “One in a Million” feature, and #TeacherThankYouNote campaign.

The “Take a Teacher to Lunch” program celebrates 15 Arizona schools to show gratitude and recognize hundreds of teachers. In addition, the “One in a Million Feature” series highlights the great work of a deserving teacher each month. The #TeacherThankYouNote campaign encourages students throughout Arizona to share thanks with the teachers who have impacted their lives. Students are invited to upload a video or picture thank you note to their favorite teacher expressing their appreciation.

The project aims to bring kindness and recognition to teachers, which will impact the lives of thousands of students in our public education classrooms.