Lizbeth Muñoz, Susana Cruz

Lizbeth Muñoz, Susana Cruz – Muuk Wakax: Bulls and horses have the word

The Muuk Wakax Project, located in Mexico, is organized by a women’s empowerment organization led by Susana Cruz and Lizbeth Muñoz to help spread the voice of women who are a part of the Mexican animal rights movements. The project promotes peaceful and informative activism that details what really happens to animals that are used in the “corridas de toros” (bullfights), “paseo del toro” (ox ride-kicked and stabbed to death), “embalse del toro” (tortured oxen thrown into reservoirs to let them drown), “torneo del lazo” (bulls forced to attack horses and gut them), “las huamantladas” (heifers chased by a large group of hysterical people to terrorize them, hit them and sent them to be slaughtered by “bullfighters”), among others.

The project’s goal is to get the Mexican and international community to stop promoting, supporting, and defending these acts as Mexican customs or traditions, in perpetuity. They received Pollination Project funds to help make their activism more effective.