Liz Santos – Alguien no algo. (Someone not something)

Date grant awarded: August 3, 2018

Liz Santos is the founder of the project “Alguien no algo” (Someone not something). The project takes place in at least in 5 major cities in México at the same time. The goal is to use the tools of advertising and photography to raise awareness about what non-human animals are experiencing, specifically those that are exploited and abused.

The objective is to expose the conditions that non-human animals are forced to live in by presenting a photographic exhibition of what their life is like before they die. The mission is to help people realize that what they consume daily is not a product, but a living being that suffered and and wanted to survive.

In Mexico, they need this type of project so that the situation of non-human animals is visible to all people. The Pollination Project grant will help Liz print at least ten different photographs for each of the 5 cities in Mexico. The photos will showcase the atrocities that farm animals experience.