Elizabeth Haynes - Be Shameless Comic Book

Liz Haynes, Be Shameless Comic Book

Date grant awarded: 06/18/2017

“Be Shameless” is a comic book which teaches Indian youth about the body, sex and sexuality without shame or fear. Sangeeta Isvaran and Liz Haynes, based in Chennai, India work in the social sector in gender, sex and sexual health education.

Providing information about sex is not the solution; it is imperative to address the culture of shame. Because of shame many children don’t report sex abuse, adults don’t teach youth about sex properly, teens don’t learn about menstruation and nightfall and do not report symptoms of RTI/STI. Be Shameless is a fun, action-filled comic written in Tamil that has teen protagonists deal with the challenges of growing up. Superheroes and great action are interspersed with the travails of puberty including speaking openly about menstruation, nightfall, consent, gender based violence and more.