Lisa Aissaoui - AfroShoot

Lisa Aissaoui – AfroShoot

Date grant awarded: April 25, 2018

AfroShoot is a platform with the mission to foster the conversations between sub-Saharan and North Africa, between the continent and its diaspora to reach out to the world and share unseen narratives to the mainstream while supporting photographers and nurturing a new synergy. African photographers are under-represented. Medias are western-centred and promote false clichés of Africa. AfroShoot strives to change that and create conversations around the discipline of photography as a profession as well as an art practice.

AfroShoot is thriving at supporting artists on the path of recognition, engaging the dialogues around photography and deconstructing false representations of Africa. This project will commit to share our multitude of narratives through seminars, exhibitions, talks, also engaging with you for trainings and workshops.