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Linet Auma Otipi, Trees that Feed the Community

Date grant awarded: October 14, 2016

East Africa Hub Team Member Vincent Atitwa is an experienced farmer and agriculture trainer. Based in rural western Kenya, he met young agri-peneur, Linet Auma Otipi at a training meeting. Despite the environmental challenges facing the region, Vincent says that this new generation give him hope for the future thanks to their passion and their creative approach to farming.

Only 22 years old, Linet Auma already supports 15 youth farming groups as they grow community woodlots which are used to replant forests which have been devastated by deforestation to grow crops such as sugar cane, and their use as firewood and for construction.

Focusing on growing food trees, these groups are both providing much-needed nutrients to the community and restoring  the ecological balance in these communities. Trained in organic farming, the young people nurture seedlings in their own nurseries, distribute them for planting in the community, and sell surplus trees to generate revenue to support their programs.  Linet says that it is clear that the young people want a green community, and that she is just giving them the tools and knowledge to grow and maintain these food trees for the benefit of the community.

This flow fund grant will be used to provide tools and the initial seeds for the project, and the work will be sustained by volunteer efforts and seed collecting.

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