Lindley Mease - Blue Heart

Lindley Mease and Theo Gibbs, Blue Heart

Date grant awarded: May 7, 2017

Blue Heart funds under-resourced, grassroots organizations building the political power of low-income communities and communities of color. In turn, we help people meaningfully engage with the complex social and environmental justice issues that impact their city. Every month, we feature different community-led, grassroots organizations that are advancing social or environmental justice in the Bay Area and nationally.

We send members a print from a local artist that explores the organizations’ work, stories from the artist and organizations, additional readings and videos to help them learn more, and a tailored set of action opportunities for them to become more engaged. A portion of the membership fees goes directly to our partner organizations, artists receive a stipend for their print, and the rest covers printing and shipping. We created Blue Heart to transform the experience of giving from a transactional one to one based on learning, empathy, and relationship. Join our community of joyful doers!