Lilian Itenya and Bonnie Etale, Luxious Deliveries for the Elderly

Lilian Itenya and Bonnie Etale’s project, Luxious Deliveries for the Elderly, is helps elderly and infirm women in Nairobi, Kenya.

About a dozen women over the age 80 live alone, social isolated, and unable to access daily necessities in the Wanyee community of Nairobi. Lilian and Bonnie have been volunteering their time to help these women bringing them groceries, newspapers, and household items. In addition, Lilian and Bonnie spend time with each of the women, reading to them and helping them with a variety of tasks, whether cleaning or accessing community services.

Lilian states, “Our aim is to promote human rights, health, and public service by giving back to the elderly in the love and acts of kindness that they are entitled to.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 15, 2015