Lidiya Ivanova Svetoslavova, Perches For Predatory Birds In Farmlands Near A Protected Area Instead Of The Use Of Poison

Date grant awarded: 05/03/2017

“Perches for predatory birds in farmlands near protected areas instead of the use of poison” is a project of the Tutrakan Tourism Development Association, Bulgaria.

The project will be implemented near wetlands of high natural value along the second largest river in Europe – Danube. Naturalists, youth and farmers together will replace the practice of spraying poisons against rodents in the fields by attracting predatory birds whose natural food are rodents.

The aim is to stop the pollution of soil, groundwater, reservoirs and food, the poisoning of wildlife and the endangering the habitats in protected areas. At the same time, the association wants to attract more young people and farmers to make efforts to protect environment and wildlife.