Lidia Tibagwa – Hoima for Vegan Diet through Mushrooms – Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing

Lydia Kaahwa Tibagwa is the leader of the project, Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing, located in Uganda. The project will also be carried out by the staff of Ventures for Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development (VESCOD).

The goal of the project centers on providing an alternative to meat consumption in Hoima through the growing and distribution of mushrooms. These mushrooms are a healthier and chapter alternative to meat. The meat industry in Uganda has been riddled with reports of butchers treating meat with formalin and other Illegal chemical products used to embalm dead bodies. Lydia wants to grow oyster mushrooms that will be able to replace the consumption of meat.

The oyster mushrooms will be grown for the Hoima market and the surrounding districts. A radio program will be held to educate the masses on the health benefits of consuming mushrooms, rather than meat. Several arrests have been by police in many of the butcheries in and around Kampala since many of these businesses have exposed hundreds of people to cancer and other ailments due to the chemicals they add to the meat. With the Pollination Project grant, Lydia will be able to purchase oyster mushroom spawns, pots/drums, packaging materials, and she will be able to use funds to transport the mushrooms to the markets.