Levi Kline - Compliments

Levi Kline – Compliments!

Compliments! is a social app for social good founded by 15 year-old Levi Kline in Los Angeles, CA. Two out of three teens will experience depression before adulthood, and Levi wanted to do something about that. Compliments! is an app in which classmates send daily compliments to each other in order to raise money for social causes and improve the mental health of teens. His app goes by the phrase ‘good words save lives’ because research has shown that the use of positive words can reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and many other adverse health factors.

Within the app, kids not only better their mental health, but engage what he calls their “civic selves,” giving them a stronger sense of community with the people around them, all the while raising money for important causes. If Instagram and Snapchat are for your personal self, Compliments is for your public or community self.