Etoy Johnson - M. A. C. (Mentor A Child, Make A Change)

Let’s Emerge – M. A. C. (Mentor A Child, Make A Change)

Date grant awarded: July 26, 2018

Etoy Johnson is the founder of Let’s Emerge, a new organization located in the city of Chicago. They are dedicated to educating and cultivating the gifts within disadvantaged children that will allow them to promote changes in their futures. With the funding from The Pollination Project Impact grant, they will be able to implement their first mentorship program titled M.A.C. (Mentoring A Child, Making A Change). Their mentoring program will assist up to fifteen young adults with improving their school performances, social skills, and achieving and setting personal goals.

In the past, the city of Chicago has lost a large number of young adults under the age of seventeen to violence. Many of those individuals may not have had positive role models in their lives to redirect their paths from the violence that has plagued their city. Their mentoring program, M.A.C., was created from the founder’s own experience of losing her mother at the age of 14. After the loss of her mother and over the remainder of her teenage years, she encountered some rough patches. She was grateful that a mentor was placed into her life at that time that kept her focus on school and her goals. Having a mentor in her life during her teenage years was profound in playing a part of who she is today.

Let’s Emerge aims to help young adults and show them that their past or present situation does not have to define their future!