Lesley Parker-Rollins

By Bruce Friedrich, Farm Sanctuary

Lesley Parker Rollins has been a close friend and hero of mine since I met her about six years ago. In that time, I have been consistently awed by her indefatigability and nonstop optimistic energy on behalf of animals. Basically, if it’s happening in D.C. or Baltimore and it involves promoting compassion, Lesley will be there. She volunteers for The Humane League, Mercy for Animals, PETA, and Vegan Outreach—leafleting, tabling, organizing events, speaking with the media, and anything and everything else she is asked to do.

In just this past year, she has been instrumental in convincing the Baltimore County Schools to go meatless on Monday, and has passed out more than 10,000 vegan leaflets at colleges and concerts, has ramped up the kid-friendliness of DC VegFest (including personally hosting the “Ask a Vegan Mom” portion of the event), has spoken with the multiple media outlets about raising vegan children, and much, much more—all on a volunteer basis.

She would want me to note that she couldn’t do it all without the love and support of her wonderful husband and co-conspirator Ray and the patience and good nature of her three beautiful vegan children Maya, Will, and Tyler.

I am not a fan of cloning, but I would make an exception for Lesley Parker Rollins.