Lenora Kelson, Livable Arrangements Incorporated

After years of caring for her family members living with physical disabilities, Lenora Kelson is intimately aware of how challenging it is to live with a disability. Unfortunately, every year millions of people are diagnosed with debilitating diseases and many find themselves without any social, spiritual or physical support. For such individuals, everyday tasks which once seemed easy or routine take on a nightmarish gloss. According to Lenora, people with disabilities seek to maintain a normal life, preserve their independence and involvement in their community.  Instead, too often, many find themselves living on the margins of life, longing for companionship and assistance in their hour of need.

Drawing on her experiences as an interior designer and caretaker, Lenora founded Livable Arrangements Incorporated in Plano, Texas, with a dedicated group of like-minded friends. The Organization seeks to change the lives of aging people and those with physical disabilities by sharing God’s love through home remodel programs that encourage, empower, energize, and engage clients to ensure a healthy, safe home. LAI’s future programs consist of care programs for the aging, daily living assistance, family nights, and community fairs.

Lenora states, “It is my belief that this project will create awareness of the needs of the aging and those living with physical disabilities, while changing attitudes among the aging, those with disabilities and non-disabled alike, in a spirit of acceptance and inclusion.”

For more information, please visit Livable Arrangement’s Facebook page or website.