Lena Wilson-Claybon

Lena W. Claybon – The Aftermath of Black Panther Documentary

Veteran filmmaker Lena W. Claybon is working on a new documentary titled, “The Aftermath of Black Panther.” The film will explore the impact the movie Black Panther has had on the audience, especially children of color. So often, meaningful movies come and go and the short-lived impact fades away.
Black Panther has been so important to children of color, not only because it stars a Superhero who looks like them, but because it depicts black excellence in education, has strong, positive female images for young girls, and promotes strong community.

This documentary in an effort to keep these messages and themes in front of kids so that they have an opportunity to absorb them, and, hopefully, benefit from them. The Pollination Project grant will go towards Disney licensing fees for Black Panther clips.