Lekeanju Nguatem Tayoh

Lekeanju Tayoh, Integrated Nursery Development For Local Training And Support

Date grant awarded: 2/4/2017

A nursery unit is created to enhance sustainable agro forestry for farm diversification and forest conservation, and to increase income for local livelihood. The nursery unit is a composition of improved seeds of different tree species, specifically interested cash crops, Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and timber seedlings. The project is aiming to serve local farmers in the community and address the main needs of this area: providing seedlings as a support in order to enhance the relative domestication of NTFPs via modern techniques, like grafting and budding, and tree planting of timber species to boost the regeneration of forest trees. The project will also serve as a constant support base for good seedlings of relevant cash crops for the local farmers. In these ways, farmers can integrate different NTFPs into their farms.

Lead causes to this project are due to the fact that the living conditions of farmers in this region are very poor, although they contribute largely to forest degradation for agriculture, the collection of NTFPs and other forest products without replacing them via re-cultivation. As such, local farmers are informed, encourage and supported with seedlings of NTFPs and cash crops for farm integration and cultivation. This will go a long way to increase NTFPs in local farms, reduce pressure on forest reserves, and increase ready income and livelihood for local farmers.