LeCarlos Maple, My Future Brighter

Date grant awarded: December 9, 2016

Los Angeles-based dance coach LeCarlos Maple works as a Youth Leader in an after school program, where he noticed that there were few programs serving young men in his community. He decided that it was time to make a change.

The My Future is Brighter Project allows young boys to participate in weekly workshops and programming designed to enhance their leadership skills and encourage a positive lifestyle through a curriculum that includes financial literacy workshops, gang prevention, and social issues, dress for success, social issues and more. By targeting multiple middle schools within a community the My Future is Brighter Project is able to reach many inner-city boys.

LeCarlos connected with Youth Development Hub Team Member Kehli Berry, who decided to support his work with a flow fund grant after learning more about what he was doing. She said “I believe that LeCarlos has a vision for the young boys in the community and I would like to see his vision brought to life. There is a need for leadership workshops and programming that will help them achieve their dreams and steer clear of the many perils in their environment. I can see the effects he has on the youth at the middle school he works at and how effective he is in getting them engaged and participating in performing arts, and I can see him being successful in getting this project into the community in which he resides in Los Angeles.”