A group of youth stand outside a building holding a sign for the Youth For Community group.

Lawrence Opira Kikwer-Nono, Youth for Community ICT Training Centre

To travel the 28.2 miles from Kitgum to Madi Opei in Northern Uganda takes an estimated two hours, maneuvering a car over a potholed, uneven, dirt road. To have electricity to power ones mobile phone or give overhead light in Northern Uganda is uncommon. That is soon to change. With the current first class tarmac road construction happening in the region alongside the installation of electricity, the youth of the region are striving to prepare themselves to utilize such development. With the assistance of a flow fund, Lawrence Opira Kikwer-Nono has created the Youth for Community ICT Training Centre in Madi Opei, Uganda.

The project operates on the foundation of reducing illiteracy rates and idleness among youth in the area through knowledge acquisition from the Internet. Project beneficiaries include youth in school, youth out of school, those who cannot afford school fees, dropouts alongside community members yearning for a new learning opportunity.  Beneficiaries will be trained in computer knowledge and skills that they will then volunteer to train future beneficiaries. Lawrence has been working with likeminded youth on obtaining a safe and secure space from the government to house the project.

This project has the power to transform lives of youth by empowering them to use modern day technology. He foresees youth forming websites, seeking employment opportunities and training others, all of which are valuable skills in this modern day.