Lauren Griffiths and Jenna Richlie, The Raised Root Student Garden

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC), educates thousands of healthcare professionals each year, from doctors, to occupational therapists, to public health practitioners. Many of these students have limited or no training in nutrition or holistic and sustainable practices. Lauren Griffiths and Jenna Richlie want to change this by establishing The Raised Root Student Garden (RRSG), a campus garden with raised garden beds for students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities of LSUHSC.

The RRSG will serve as an alternative learning space designed to provide opportunities for LSUHSC to integrate a more nutrition-based course of study and holistic and sustainable learning opportunities. Lauren and Jenna designed it to host various events and classes such as yoga and meditation, to donate surplus food grown in the garden to local food banks and to invite the underserved community members to the garden for cooking literacy classes.

The garden will start with nine raised “production” garden beds, with two of the beds built with unique specifications for accessibility for people with disabilities. Students for Sustainability (SFS), a student organization Lauren and Jenna created for the purposes of maintaining the RRSG, will establish seven additional raised beds to serve as a student community gardens. These community beds will be tended by students who will have signed contracts agreeing to maintain them thus giving them all rights to the produce grown inside. This Grant will help Lauren and Jenna purchase piping for an irrigation system, shade sails, metal shelving units, grow lights and gardening equipment. 

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GRANT AWARD DATE: October 12, 2015