Laura Omolara Williams – WADSSWOMEN SME – WADSS RICE SME

Laura Williams, who is based in Lagos, Nigeria, is working to stabilize widows in sustainable livelihoods. We have so many widows old and young who are able to work but the economic environment is unable to sustain them so these women and their children live in abject poverty. WADSSWOMEN SME create work opportunities within the range of the abilities the women have so they earn a living wage that brings these families out of poverty.

We work with widows old and young, teaching and motivating them to become stable in a culture that wants to keep them permanently unstable. WADSSWOMEN RICE SME is building a culture of financially empowered widows in Nigeria. After losing my husband 26 years ago, I suffered great indignities as I observed women who were going through life alone and not as educated as I was. Since then I have helped many widows stabilize. The grant from The Pollination Project makes it possible to connect widows across States economically. We are now creating an economic model that can be replicated in other States of Nigeria and in Africa.