Laura Lavigne, The Happiness Sprinkling Project

Date grant awarded: JUNE 12, 2013

The Happiness Sprinkling Project is the vision of Laura Lavigne, life coach, author and director of the Anacortes Center for Happiness. 

Laura says, “I am hugely passionate about “simple happiness” and “tribe building.”  Happiness Sprinkling is a unique, one-hour long event where a team of people, wearing bright yellow shirts hold up signs with messages such as “It’s Going to be Okay,” “Live Your Dream,” and “Sure You Can.”

Since the first event in Fall, 2012, over 20 “Sprinklings” have happened across the US and Canada.  Laura explains that the events not only bring joy to the “sprinklers,” but also bring in new people who are passing by and then end up wanting to hold a sign.

As the events have spread, Laura is consciously weaving the participants into an international network of happiness.  A key part of this is the signs they use- rather than creating throw-away posters for each event, the Happiness Sprinkling Project now owns several sets of weather-proof, professionally-printed signs that are shipped from sprinkling to sprinkling as a way to encourage each team to “pay it forward” and connect with the next team like a relay race.  Pollination Project funds will pay for several sets of new signs so that the Happiness Sprinkling Project can keep up with the demand for events.