Laura Henderson, Growing Places Indy

growing places indyOur flow fund partner, Off the Mat Into the World, funded Laura Henderson and her project with their Pollination Project flow fund.

Laura is the founder of an urban garden project in Indianapolis, Growing Places Indy.  Growing Places Indy works to cultivate human potential to experience well-being through urban agriculture, food awareness, improved access to locally grown vegetables, and teaching healthy lifestyle practices – including yoga asana and meditation.

Growing Places Indy has three public gardens located in high traffic areas in downtown Indianapolis, IN.  Each site is open to the public and anyone is able to walk through and explore for themselves exactly what is growing there or learn from current signage a little bit about the benefits of urban and sustainable agriculture, slow food and composting. Hundreds of people visit these gardens (there are no fences) when no Growing Places Indy volunteers are on site, and Laura wants to provide ways for these visitors to learn about the garden, the food, and the benefits of eating organically grown produce.

Pollination Project funds will support the development of new informative signage, some in spanish, that will allow visitors to learn about the garden and the food being grown.