Laura Edwards and Kylie Fackrell, VGN Summer Camp 20162016-10-07T05:50:44+00:00

Laura Edwards and Kylie Fackrell, VGN Summer Camp 2016

Date grant awarded: October 6, 2016

TeenVGN are hosting their second annual VGN Summer Camp this August for vegetarian, vegan and veg-curious teenagers! Organizers Laura and Kylie are excited to be given the opportunity to guide and teach young people in their compassionate lifestyle and are opening up this years Summer Camp to more than 70 young people at their state of the art venue in Margam Discovery Centre, South Wales. This project is so important to the TeenVGN team as it provides young people a place to meet like minded friends for life, learn more about how they can be active for the animals in their communities and social circles, and allows them to discover more about their lifestyle, themselves and leaves them determined to make the world a better place.

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