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letef Vita, The Breakground: Food As Medicine

Ietef Vita is an Organic Gardener with the East Side Growers Collective in Denver, CO.  He is a hip hop yogi, educator, midwife, emcee, deejay, youth advocate, and seeker of self sustainable life. He is starting this project to heal his neighborhood, plain and simple. In order for us to see environmental improvement we must begin with the health of ourselves and individuals.

An oasis in a food desert in Northeast Denver, CO, this project will focus on healthy, organic food, but will be unique in that it will highlight the idea of “Food As Medicine”.  Each plant in the garden will be purposeful, putting into themes that are specific to the health disparities found in this community being one of low-income and people of color.

Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and respiratory challenges are rampant in the Northeast Denver neighborhood. This project will also have a strong focus on collaboration, utilizing the resources that already exist as organizations, businesses and individuals.

letef came to us via our flow fund partnership with Green for All.


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