Lantana Hoke, Library and Postive Behavior Reward Field Trip Program

Lantana HokeLantana Hoke is a Peace Corps Volunteer serving as a primary educator in the village of Nkokonjeru in rural Uganda.  Lantana has created a Library and Positive Behavior Reward Field Trip program. To encourage literacy and use of the new library, she has created a points system to reward good behavior and reading in the students. The children who have exemplary behavior will be rewarded with movie nights and game nights, and, at the end of the year, those with the most points will qualify for a field trip to the capital city, Kampala.

Through her commitment to increasing literacy and creating alternatives to corporal punishment, an unfortunate fact of life in rural village schools, Lantana has developed this program to jumpstart student and teacher involvement in reading and a focus on rewarding positive (instead of punishing negative) behavior.  Healthy and literate children are two essential ingredients to an economically thriving community and in the developing world, both health and literacy can be a challenge. By combining reading and positive behavior, Lantana envisions a “two-fold approach to the two things that would change my school, and education in Uganda in general.”

The funds from The Polliation Project will be used to support the pilot test of the progam throughout the 2014 school year. For more information on the Library and Positive Behavior Reward Field Trip program, follow Lantana’s blog.