LaKieya Patterson, Building Blocks 4 Families

Date grant awarded: October 22, 2016

With 10 years of experience in social services in Los Angeles, LaKieya Patterson has a keen sense of the difficulties facing families with children who have behavioral issues, who have been through trauma, abuse, or who face difficult socioeconomic circumstances, and she has a plan to help them meet those needs.

Her project, Building Blocks 4 Families, is a newly launched initiative which focuses on helping families to reunify and become more resilient together. Through supportive services which include parenting workshops for the children and families, she believes that by giving families the skills that they need to understand themselves, they will be empowered to create change within the dynamics of the family relationship. Working with other organizations and community centers, LaKieya plans to bring her educational yet inspirational workshops to families across the Southern Los Angeles area.

Youth Development Hub Team Leader, Jamila Banks, spent 5 years working alongside LaKieya within the state social services system, and when she heard about this initiative she knew that this was a project that has the power to change lives. Jamila chose to support this work with a flow fund grant that will contribute to training providers, producing curriculum and buying program supplies. She says that transforming families is just the beginning, and that by building strong, resilient families where young people understand themselves and their actions, you are ultimately building stronger communities.