Ty Banks With Kids in class

La-Ty Banks, Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop

There are thousands of youth in Los Angeles County who are at risk due to poverty, broken homes and abuse. They are often pushed into the system or out into the streets. Writing and music are excellent vehicles for reaching youth, particularly those from underprivileged families. Having grown up a “ward” of the Court, La-Ty Banks knows the struggles in trying to find an identity while being tossed in and out of multiple group and foster homes. As many do, La-Ty found himself angry, hurt, and filled with so many emotions with little to no positive outlets to convey them. Falling in love with music as a child, he begin to write poetry, trying to understand his feelings and as an outlet to release his emotions. 

Later in life, TY, as he is known by close friends, decided to use his own name to express a concept that has always been close to his heart, Teaching Youth. He turned all of his focus and energy to his music, became an independent writer and R&B singer and created the Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop as a forum for positive self expression through writing and music. In the Workshop, students learn interpersonal skills, increase their independence, and gain more self-worth. Each student will also be given the opportunity to learn how to transform their works into physical products to use for distribution & fundraising purposes to start their own micro businesses.

The Pollination Project Grant will help La-Ty and volunteers to run a 14 week long Song Writing & Music Production workshops in 4 sites in the Los Angeles area.

For more information on the Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop, please visit their Website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 14,  2015