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Kwangene Princely, Economic Empowerment Through Sustainable Agriculture

Kwangene Princely is the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Community Development and Environmental Restoration (CENCUDER), a Cameroon-based non-profit that empowers vulnerable and impoverished women and children through education on human rights, hygiene, and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

In CENCUDER’s most recent project, The Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Women Through Sustainable Agriculture, Kwangene is providing agricultural training and support to 20 widows and single mothers in Ebase-Bajoh village.

Commonly held patriarchal beliefs in Ebase-Bajoh restrict widows and single mothers to low-income jobs and many are neglected by their families, leaving them both desperate to feed their children and dependent on the village patriarchy for support.

Through his project, Kwangene will train participants to grow organic vegetables like amaranth, cabbage, tomatoes, huckleberries, and melons for sale in local markets. The women will be provided with materials and supplies such as planting equipment, watering cans, and seeds and will also be given a crash-course in business and marketing to boost their earning potential.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 10, 2015

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