Kuza SME - Sustainable Community Enterprise Development Project

Kuza SME – Sustainable Community Enterprise Development Project

Sustainable Community Enterprise Development Project was founded by Kuza SME in Mombasa, Kenya. The project aims to empower three voluntary young enterprise developers (YED) so that they can help five emerging entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to be able to sustainably manage their enterprises. They will center on training, mentorship, skill transfer, and networking. At the end of the project, they want to develop at least five sound business plans and secure capitalization.

The project addresses youth unemployment. There are a growing number of young people who are being abused, and are also used as traffickers of narcotics and related drugs within their community because they are desperate. Some people are also forming gangs and illegal groups that maim, steal, and make their community unsafe. Because of unemployment, a lot of people are being radicalized and recruited into violent extremism. The project wants to tackle this. The Pollination Project funds will help Kuza SME develop the project further with the proper technology, as well as helping them change their status to a community based organization.