Kumar Neeraj, and the Khetee team – Khetee Farm library

Khetee means farming in Sanskrit. Khetee is a non-governmental organisation based in Durdih village, Bihar, India. The organisation focuses on improving the agronomic status in Bihar. We are doing community development through ecological agroforestry and education projects for farmers and the rural community. I was inspired to start this work by my great grandfather who had a collection of books and used storytelling to community people in reaching their goals by arranging resources for training and learning process.

After spending time with farmers during field we observed they spend a lot of time on the farm for irrigation purposes. We realized that time can be utilised by them in farm library. The Seed grant from TPP will help us to start the farm library. To deal with the climate crisis, One of the most effective intervention is to work with the soil for carbon sequestration and we train the community farmers about agroforestry, the farm library is one of the important components for training farmers and community building. The most important thing is to train farmers at the grassroots level and support them by providing the best resources.